My 14 Goals for 2020 Week 22 of 52

My 14 Goals for 2020

Goal #1 – Take Full Advantage of Having My Husband Home 24/7

The HH’s major project these past few weeks has been scraping the old paint and gunk off the garage windows and re-glazing them. My job is to paint them {I LOVE painting!}. Well, we officially have one window down, and two to go. It’s not a fun project, but the window looks 100 times better.

I spy with my little eye, a puggle dog, a row of cabbage growing behind the arborvitae, sunflower seedlings in front of the fence and a hydrangea plant beginning to leaf out.

Goal #2 – Take Better Care of Myself. 

Took it easy this week, no major projects, took a lot of walks and went to bed early. 🙂


Goal #3 – Get Organized

The plan for May is:

  • May 3-9 Paint Master Bedroom Door, Writing Desk and Clean Up and Prep Canning Room for Painting
  • May 10-16 Paint Canning Room, Organize Everything on Shelves and Make a Simple Linen Curtain for Window
  • May 17-23 Paint Double Dutch Door in Kitchen
  • May 24-30 Paint Entry Alcove and Paint Front Door


Goal #4 – Get Proper Window Coverings on All Our Windows. 

All that’s left is window coverings for the sunroom. Which I’ll probably finish this fall because right now, we are enjoying the sunshine that streams through the windows all day everyday.

Goal #5 – Master Bedroom Make Over {almost done!}

I’m so glad we didn’t spend a fortune on window treatments for the master bedroom because the window treatments I found on Amazon allows the sunlight to flood the room every morning and it’s such a nice way to wake up.

Before I painted the room white, the walls were a light purple and the trim was cream colored. I still need to paint the closet doors but I am loving how much calmer the space is now.

Still left to do:

  • Paint Writing Desk a Glossy Black
  • Paint the Creamy Closet Doors White
  • Refinish the Floors {late summer project because I don’t have the supplies and the windows will need to be open all day because of the fumes}.

Goal #6 – Kitchen Update

My new rug for in front of the kitchen sink arrived and Lucy has claimed it. 😉 I had planned on painting the double dutch door this week but worked on outside projects instead, so hopefully I’ll get to it this week.

It’s not my ideal kitchen, but I’m happy with the way it turned out and loving the fact that I don’t have to worry about this space any more.

Goal #7 – Install Vegetable Garden Done!

Everything has been planted {even the pumpkin seeds} and now the hard part… waiting for everything to grow. 😉 At first glance it might look like the only place I’m growing vegetables is in the garden boxes, but actually, I have all sorts of vegetables planted all across the backyard. I’ll do a proper garden post later this week to show you, but I am really digging the garden layout this year.

And hey! Check it out. Our first French breakfast radish of the year. Isn’t it cute?

Goal #8 – Explore More of Maine 

No real adventures this past week but we did walk by several “free” stashes.

On the radar for exploring Maine in June:

  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Lincolnville Center General Store in Lincolnville, Maine
  • Wallace’s Market in Friendship, Maine
  • Alewives Fabric Store in Nobleboro, Maine
  • Harpswell, Maine and Bailey Island
  • Camden, Maine

Goal #9 – Host Some Sort of Get Together


Goal #10 – Read/Listen to 12 Books

No new audiobooks this past week but I did real this article on BBC about the benefits isolation can have on your work and it pretty much enforced what I already know… and that is I would be happy living on an island off the coast of Maine. 🙂 My requirements: Internet, post office, general store, library.

So far I have read/listened to:

Goal #11 – Learn A New Skill or Craft

Not yet. Thinking seriously about buying a glass kiln though {and so is my neighbor}.

Goal #12 – Visit 12  Museums, Historical Homes or Botanical Gardens {and bakeries too!}

I just found out that Head Tide Oven in Damariscotta, Maine will be CLOSED for the summer. 🙁 I am so disappointed as it is pie fix central for me. Anyone know of any other awesome pie shops in Maine {I will pretty much drive anywhere for a good pie}.





Goal # 13 – Reach 5,000 Etsy Sales by the End of The Year 

As of this morning, I have made 4081 sales on Etsy. That’s up from 2804 on January 1st!

This past week I set my whale rug aside {no rush to finish it now seeing how the Maine bicentennial has been moved to next year} and started work on a tall tulip rug. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll have a new rug hooking kit {or two} to offer in my Etsy shop.

Goal #14 – Once a Month Menu Planning {for 2}

The HH’s meal plan for the month of June: BBQ. 🙂


Have YOU made any goals for this year? If so, DO TELL! We all want to hear about them.

Have a great Sunday everyone, enjoy the sunshine.


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