Weekend Update/Ramblings

Hi guys! Wow its been awhile since my last weekend update post. I guess when life is smooth sailing Im less likely to vent my feelings here on these weekend posts. In a sense, life is a little more boring but Im so grateful for it. Grateful that were all healthy.

The UJ sweater from TRR that I kept

The UJ sweater from TRR that I kept

Ulla Johnson Review

Anyway, closet-wise Ive been a little bit of a runaway train lately. I think now that I finally feel like Ive got my body back, Im more excited about clothes these days. If you follow my Insta, you know Ive been on a bit of a secondhand Ulla Johnson buying spree. It started with one top from ebay, followed by two sweaters, a jumpsuit and shoes from the RealReal (TRR). Im returning one sweater, the jumpsuit and shoes because I realize Im definitely buying too much. But Im just so in love with the girly silhouettes and the quirkiness of her clothes. I feel like it helps spice up my mostly basic wardrobe. Ill be writing a review of all the UJ things Ive tried in the near future. But still, I need to go back to my more mindful consumption ways because even though Im buying used, Im not buying consciously. I realize I also need to break my TRR habit.

And you probably dont want to be hearing this on a style blog, but Ive been following the coronavirus news like a hawk lately. Its the combo of being a public health/epidemiology grad and the fact that I have a baby with a slight cold that has made me hyper aware of this pandemic. My mom, who was planning to come to Cali in March has postponed her trip because of it (shes of the camp better safe than sorry). Im glad the US limited air travel to/from China when they did. At first I was thinking that was quite extreme but now I see that it was the right thing to do because this virus infectivity is quite high and so is its relative virulence. Is this the next big outbreak since the 1918 flu pandemic?

But any-who here are some articles I found interesting to take your mind off all the doom and gloom:

Leah talks about why ebay is still her favorite thrift site here. Im in total agreement and find that when buying, eBay tends to be the cheaper option and when selling, it has the least fees.

Jamie spends some time thinking about her museum pieces here. I definitely have some of those including my bags, vintage Chanel blazers, and some shoes. But I also have other sentimental pieces that I cant get rid of like my 7th grade track jacket with my name embroidered on it, my 9th grade black pants from Japan (my first adult-like pair of pants) that I will probably never fit into again, and my rag & bone military blazer that was my first expensive piece of clothing I purchased new. I think its ok to have a handful of these sentimental pieces as long as it doesnt get out of control.

And for some personal finance inspo and motivation, read Luxes post here about changing your money mind-set. It definitely helped me see money in a new light.